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Commodity List

The selection of food commodities is based on the International Comparison Program (ICP) product list and include items such as staple grains, staple foods, as well as various fuels.

Data collectors can submit the commodity prices either in local currency or in USD. The default is set to local currency, however, the collector can change it to USD. Besides, a set of common units of measurement is defined for each commodity. For instance, three different units of measurement is defined for White Rice: 500g, 1kg and 2kg. The Data Collection Platform converts the provided information to a recommended base unit (highlighted in bold) automatically for comparability purpose. The automated conversion minimizes possible human errors in calculations, and at the same time, allows our users to easily compare and review food prices collected across different regions in a county or across multiple countries.

Loaf of white bread
100g, 200g, 450g, 700g
White rice, 25% broken
500g, 1kg, 2kg
Wheat flour
1kg, 2.5kg
White maize flour
1kg, 10kg, 25kg
Maize grain
Millet whole grain
Sorghum white whole grain
500g, 1kg
Livestock products
Beef with bones
Goat meat
Whole chicked frozen
Large size chicken eggs
Dozen, 1.5 dozen
Pasteurized unskimmed milk
500ml, 1 litre
Fish products
Bream fish
Nile Perch

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